What filter media Golden Icepure is using?

Golden Icepure filters is using Carbon Block Filter made by ourselves . The filters are made by sintering technology which have much better filtration effects. The same technology as 3M calling¡°Black miracle¡±. Few Chinese factories can make high quality sintering carbon block filters. These filters have much better filtration effects than the filters made by traditional extruding technology.

Do Golden Icepure filters have NSF certification?

Golden Icepure filters passed WQA NSF42 tests. We got WQA Gold Seal certification for NSF42, and NSF372 lead free.

What is the difference of NSF51/61,NSF42 and NSF53?

NSF51/61 is the standard of filter materials such as activated carbon material. All the materials of Golden Icepure filters are also NSF51/61 certified. The certifications are made by the material suppliers. The materials we are using the same as 3M used for their water filter.

NSF42 /NSF372 is basic certification to certify that Golden Icepure filters are safe to use and have filtration effects. Golden Icepure filters passed the tests of material Safety, Structural Integrity and chlorine removal rate, and NSF372 lead free. 

Material Safety- The filters do not have harmful materials. (as we checked several months ago, Water Sentinel and Swift green passed this test only.)

Structural Integrity- The filters can bear high water pressure, which of NSF42 standard is about 350psi. We here test the max pressure under 380psi per 2 hours per day in our lab.

Chlorine Removal - Golden Icepure filters chlorine removal rate is 99.06%. NSF 372 - Golden Icepure filters do not have lead in the materials.

NSF53 is mainly functional certification, such as removal ability to heavy metal, VOC, etc. The filter materials need to be added additives to remove those harmful substances in water. We are working on this certification.

Complaint about ¡°Not match¡±

Some filters head ( the part in the refrigerator, connected with filter ) manufacturers may change the design of the filter head, to stop the compatible filters used on their filter heads. But this does not happen often. Our solution is to collect as many filter heads as we can regularly from different channels; To some models to avoid patent issue, we amended the filters appearance, especially the connect part (cause generally the connect parts are the patent claims). Some customers found it looks different with the original filter when they get the filters, but they do not try it, then say it does not match their refrigerators. As our statistics, among the returned filters, 30% due to the users found the appearance is different as the originals, then returned without trying the filters. So if we get the feedback of "not match", we should encourage the users to try the filter first.

Complaint about Leakage

Plastic parts have tolerance. So the filters and its o-ring have tolerance on the connection parts, the filter heads and its o-ring in the refrigerators also have tolerance. Installing in the new refrigerator, you may feel a little tight; while in the old refrigerators, you may feel it is easier to install the filters. Sometimes even so loose taht there is leakage. It mostly because the o-ring on the filter head has been used for long time, lack of elasticity, or the tolerance of our filters and the filter heads are a little big. We are the sole Chinese manufacturer who can make online leakage checking, check the leakage one by one during the production with the original filter heads(no other Chinese factories are doing this. Most of them just collect the original filters then copy, without any inspection. Some factories even think if the sizes of the filter are the same as the originals, then everything is ok). We assure 100% no leakage for the filters we tested based on the filter heads we have, but we can not assure all the filters connect well by the best way in the users refrigerators. So there is a small percentage for leakage. We have not the exact percentage from the feedback, because some clients think it is normal, and they often just replace the filter for the users or refund without telling us though we really like to get the feedback. We estimate the percentage is between 0.1-0.5%.

Complaint about Flow Slowly

Most original filters have a water flow rate of 0.5gpm/1.9lpm. Our actual flow rate is 1.9-2.2 pm. If the users feedback their filter flow slowly, mostly because the filter did not connect well by the best way. Ask them re-install the filter and twist the filter to the end. If it still flows slowly, the reason is as similar as the above --- filter heads have tolerance, and filter heads have been used for several years, or the filter did not match by the best way.

Complaint about Noises

We now just found this problem happened only on the old design of 900A (UKF8001). The original also have noises when installing. It is because air blocked in the filter, can not be drained very quickly, due to the structure of the filter. The previous 900A takes longer time to drain air, about 4 mintes. Our new improved 900A is much better on this problem. We enlarge the inlet and outlet of new 900a to have air drained easily.

Complaint about Black Water

Before last Nov, the feedback of black water were a little more than the originals. After that time, we increased a selection procedure to the carbon material, to further remove the ash content. The feedback are less now.

Complaint about Bad Taste

The carbon material and binder we used are all famous brands. The Activated Carbon is Jacobi brand, IV>1050,  NSF certified. The Binder is from Celenese Germany factory, NSF certified. Both of grades we are using are the same as 3M used for their filters. So in fact, the feedback of bad taste is very less.

About the Production Liability Insurance

The Insurance is issued by Huatai, Ace Chinese partner. The insurance covers all around the world. Every Golden Icepure filter is covered. The insurance company will be responsible for reimbursement of any heavy personal or family accident due to filter problem.